NSA employees took my life savings and refused to return to me.

Not only that when you log into btc-e.com there will be a cookie that logs your IP.Using that IP btc-e.com is able to use finfisher to send a malicious software into your phone or PC.

With the software, they will be able to GAIN ALL YOUR DATA AND PRIVATE INFORMATION THSTS STORED INSIDE THE PHONE OR COMPUTER(like resume,ID NUMBER, NAMES)!!.Your private details will thus be shared with all members in the trollbox.This shows what a jerk they are.(All this information is private do you know that!)

They will also intercept all your sms and show and allow all members of the trollbox to read it.

The members of the trollbox will then use your intercepted sms/ email content  to tease or harass you.

At the same time, the trolls are also told to play dumb, and claim victim is mental, delusional so as to escape blame or to be caught by the police.

Bitcoin is a NSA project, thats why NSA employees have access to google adsense ,gmail and other google products like maps. .Errant ,wilful NSA employees use their immense powers that they have for sexual harassment too.( They dont harass you when you are outside , they harass you in your own house)

NSA doesnt care about controlling their employees.

They are able to use adsense , malware and finfisher to harass women , get their private photos,adddress, and even harass you at your house.

If you complain in the trollbox they will harass you are say you are delusional or paranoid to silence you.They.can do whatever they like , all they need to do is claim you are paranoid and tease you and they get away with it.

Some of the members are part of the USA millitary NASA.They have access to military supplies like helicopters that they can deploy at their will to different countries.As long as the soldier and his supervisor wants to deploy the helicopter,they could deploy it anywhere in the world they want!And do whatever they like with it!

Some soldiers can even threaten you and use their high tech transportation and mobility solutions  go to your house to take photos of you to threaten you.They will post the videos that they took online.It sounds so far fetched like out of a science fiction story but its true.They have a xray camera which could be used to view and take pictures or videos behind a FUCKING WALL OR CEILING.CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE USING A ATOMIC BOMB TO KILL AN ANT.BUT THATS WHAT THEY WOULD DO. GO THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLE JUST SO THAT  THEY CAN SILENCE PEOPLE.

All these mobility solutions and weapons can be used in war or helping people but they are using it for sexual harassment!

American soldiers can rape or kill whoever they want in a war and they wont be penalised.This shows how how sick their culture of that race of people is like.

Such powers of tracking , spying,mobility should be used to track terrorists and sexual predators, not wasting them on sexual harassment!

Military weapons like helicopters and xrays  cameras that can see through walls cost millions or billions by government.These are paid by taxpayers for for you to perform rescue,protect them from imminent dangers.The fact that you are deploying helicopters to harass women or kids is too much of a incredulous way of you burning tax payers money for something as useless as this.You are just burning government money for your own entertainment! Use some million dollar equipment like xray cameras to just shoot women in the shower or changing clothings?Isnt it ridiculous that you dont use use it for curbing terrorist activities instead?

The military employee put a xray camera on me through the helicopter.(Sounds wayyyy unbelievable isn’t it)They wanted to view me like watching Truman Show,while spooking me by telling me details of what I was doing, wearing,holding and beamed this video to all members of trollbox!! I begged them to stop they said no.Do you know what the NSA employee said?”Privacy is no longer available to everybody” with that they filmed me peeing in the toilet,showering,and me getting dressed secretly.They even shared the photos and videos to everybody in the trollbox.NSA THIS IS NOT JUST A BREACH OF PRIVACY.THIS IS A BREACH OF EVEN REASONABLE LEVELS OF PRIVACY.THIS IS A BALANT OUTRAGE OF MODESTY.You should get charged.

Word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a woman

Penal code 509: Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

I mean if you are given such powers shouldn’t you use it responsibly? You are a military pilot aren’t you?





You are using vast NSA powers on Loveint.Thats abusing of NSA Powers.You should get fired for abusing the power you have.

NOT ONLY that, the NSA employees knew I didnt have so much money,but tried to extort 50 thousand dollars from me after they used the xray cameras to shoot pictures of me through walls, if I didnt want them to post the videos and pictures online.However,I couldn’t pay,as me and everybody I knew didnt have so much money, so they went ahead and shared the videos and pictures taken with their xray cameras online though I begged them not to.

And now to prevent matters from getting out, btc-e even tried to delete all the post that I write in forums , twitters or move them to a location of no visibility so people won’t know what they have done to me

NSA BASTARDSVreturn my money!


Flog dead horse

One thing about white people through out the ages,is similar.They love to flog the dead horse.They want to make sure that horse is left with zero resourses,zero health,and never be able to stand again.Now thats white culture.